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We have more news: our world stands at a crossroads

We no longer live in separate villages, cities or countries, we live on Planet Earth. Our neighbours and people of different nationalities, cultures and views have different ways of thinking, of speaking, they believe in different ideas, they love and hate different things.

Nobody wants people to be killing each other in their little city or in their huge country. But sometimes the same people, who yesterday lived peacefully alongside their neighbours, greeting them every day, walking down the same street as them, even forming friendships with them, sometimes it happens that these people begin to get angry at each other, to hurl abuse at each other, to fight, and sometimes — to take up weapons and go to war.

Can we change this? Can we learn to reach agreements with people with whom we don’t agree? With people whose opinions and lifestyles we don’t like? And if not, then what is the value of human life? And who in the end is ‘the modern man’?

We — the team and participants of the project RESPECT — do not know the answers to these questions. But we hope that with the help of our comics we can reflect upon them together with you.

RESPECT 2.0 is the continuation of the successful comics-project «International comics for worldwide RESPECT», created in 2011 by the comic-artist HeeHoos and the festival team of «KomMissia» jointly with the Goethe Institute in Moscow.

The aim of the project is to speak to young people through the medium of comics in a language that they understand and which interest them. The subjects touched on include respect for others, relating to people with different viewpoints and to other ethnic, religious and social groups.

Today RESPECT includes more than 35 works by professional authors of comics from Russia and other European countries, and interactive comics which are used as teaching aids for works in state educational institutes and in the field of informal education.

RESPECT 2.0 — this is a joint initiative of the Goethe Institute Moscow, the Youth Human Rights Movement, the Moscow International Comics Festival «KomMissia» with the support of the European Union.

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