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Erdil Yaşaroğlu

Erdil Yaşaroğlu (1971, Istanbul, Turkey)

Comics artist, cartoonist

Erdil started drawing comics when he was a kid.

When he was 12 he participated in his first comics competition, and he went on to receive many awards for his caricatures.

After high school graduation, he took his caricatures to the journal Limon and got a job. He worked hard, drawing a plethora of caricatures every week, even though only one or two would be published. But after 7 months his dream came true: he got his own column, Komikaze, becoming one of their youngest columnists.

A few years later Erdil got a job in television, working on a puppet show called Plastip Show. After several years, he left Plastip Show to create the Mr. Veb Creation Team with his friends, producing talk shows, TV series and entertainment programs. At the same time he was studying sculpture at the School of Fine Arts.

Eight years after Erdil started working at Limon, a new character, Marlon, made his first appearance in Komikaze.

In 1999 Erdil opened his own website,, and in late 2002, he created the journal Penguen with his friends. Both projects keep him busy to this day.

Erdil goes to the cinema all the time, where he learns all sorts of things that are of no use to him in real life.

He spends hours reading encyclopedias, because it pleases him to know that a bear loses half of its weight while it hibernates.

He paints.

Erdil’s current drawings are no different than his childhood drawings: the same colors, the same drawings.

He is happy and always has been. It’s not that he doesn’t have problems. Everyone has problems, but Erdil never loses sight of the fact that all of life’s problems can be solved.

Erdil Yaşaroğlu

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