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Konstantin Komardin
Comics artist, illustrator, animator

Was born somewhere between Europe and Asia, where the climate of the Ural Mountains beneficially asserted its influence on his depraved mind and perverted imagination.

On catching sight of a piece of paper, he will without delay transfer to it something of the sweet little nightmares wandering in his head. Occasionally these pictures are arranged in a row and then add up to a story.

Author of comics projects:

Site-o-polis (Sait-o-polis) — Grand Prize at comics festival KomMissiya, 2003; Frontier (Frontir); Alice’s Gate (Vrata Alisy), with Heehoos; Mechanics of the senses (Mekhanika chyvstv); and many short stories.

His illustrations are published in leading glossy magazines Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Hacker (Khaker), Gamesland (Strana Igr), and Phantom (Fantom).

He participated in Polish-Russian comic book project «Sity Stories»; his comics have been published in Czech magazine «AARGH!» and Polish «Ziniol».

Animation projects:

The Man with the Wind in his Head (Chelovek s vetrom v golove), with Heehoos

The Spindle (Vereteno), awarded the Fortuna prize at the Moscow Short Film Festival

The Man in the Pince-nez (Chelovek v pensne), with Heehoos, shown at the Moscow International Film Festival

He has participated in international comics festivals in Italy (Lucca), Greece (Athens) and France (Angouleme)
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