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Comics artist and director

The most well-known of the Russian comics artists, Heehoos is the leader of comics art group «Tribe of Dead Fish», creator of the first Russian comics festival «KomMissiya», and instigator of the RESPECT project.

Heehoos has shown the Russian reading public that comics are in fact works of art.

Born the the USSR, he lived in Denmark, moved to Germany after the fall of the Berlin Wall and then returned to Russia.

Heehoos started out as a poet, only later starting to draw pictures. After getting to know some of the best comics from around the world, he fell in love with the genre and has inspired others to feel the same.

Heehoos’s first comic, The Red Shoes / Krasniye bashmachki, is an aggressive and witty retelling of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale. It has been translated into four languages and published already thirty times.


Kosmogonevo, 2009.

Fairytales WITHOUT Towers / Skazki BEZ Bashni, 2004.


The Little Prince / Malenkii prints, 2006-7. Part of anti-drugs project «Re-animatsiya».

The Man with Wind in his Head / Chelovek s vetrom v golove, 2007 (co-authored with K. Komardin).

The Man in the Pince-Nez / Chelovek v pensne, 2009. Cartoon based on the story by A. P. Chekhov (co-authored with K. Komardin).

Culture Soup / Sup kultur, 2011. Documentary cycle about youth movements.
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