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Gerhard Seyfried

Gerhard Seyfried (1948, Munich)

Comics artist, cartoonist

In the sixties he was thrown out of the Akademie für das Graphische Gewerbe after two years for organizing a strike in protest of the declaration of a state of emergency. He then worked as a self-employed graphic artist and caricaturist and flourished with his cheeky drawings, becoming a comic icon of the alternative scene.

In 1981 he published his first collection in color, Invasion aus dem Alltag. The comics focus on the experiences of a group in a flatshare, who mourn the passing of the old politically active days of demonstrations, but are basically more interested in a good joint than they are in changing the system.


1990: Max and Moritz Award for the best German comics artist,

2007: the Wilhelm-Busch Award.

Nowadays he has returned with new vigour to political themes such as neo-Nazism and the sleaze of political parties and industrialists.
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