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Sveta El’chaninova
Sveta El’chaninova graduated from VGIK (the Russian State School of Cinematography) in the Animator and Computer Graphics course (under the teaching of S. Sokolov and L. Nosyrev). Her course work the short film “Never do today…” was a participant and award winner in many Russian and International Film festivals and amounted to a mixture of feature and animated film using different techniques. Her diploma film “SamarKant” reached a new level of this feature/animation fusion and became an inspiration for many works by VGIK students of the first decade of the 21st century and was awarded many prizes at film festivals. In 2006 El’chaninova made her film industry debut with her development and realisation of a animated project for young people entitled Reanimation (consisting of 49 series). She led this project until 2009 at the Guberniya Studios and she also worked as scriptwriter and director for a number of the films for this series. Other directors who worked on this project included: Maxim Polyakov, Natalia Antipova, Gena Buto, Andrey Bakhurin and the artists includede: Maxim Polyakov, Yevgeniy Kramorenko, Gena Buto, Vladislav Bayramgulov, Svetlana Andriyanova, Patrick K.-N., Andrey Pron’kin, Oleg Pichugin. Well-known comics artists also participated in the project: HeeHoos, Konstantin Komardin, Alim Velitov, Plemaiw. More than 20 series were made in the video clip genre with soundtracks by famous musicians. After this project Svetlana was a scriptwriter and directed the production of children’s serials “Young kind animals” (25 series) and “Resheto City” (5 series). She worked as a director for some of the series. In 2013 she organized an independent studio “Show Reel”. From 1998-2009 she headed the Film programme team of Jerry Rubin Club
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