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Olivia Vieweg

2006-2011 degree programme in visual communication at the Bauhaus-University in Weimar
2011 Publication of her thesis project Endzeit (zombie comic)
2012 Ehapa Verlag comic grant
2013 Publication of her graphic novel Huck Finn by Suhrkamp-Verlag

Works as a free-lance graphic artist (manga, etc.) and as an illustrator (young people’s books, etc)

Olivia transcends the boundaries of genre and style with apparent effortlessness. The graphic artist has drawn dozens of manga tales for anthologies such as Paper Theatre. She transposed texts by the German folk-metal rock band “Subway to Sally” into narrative images and started a successful series of cat cartoons Why Cats Are Better than Men (Warum Katzen besser sind als Männer). She also earns her living as an illustrator of young people’s books such as Vampirinternat Schloss Schauerfels (i.e. vampire boarding school Castle Schauerfels). Most recently, however, she has primarily made a name for herself as a promising graphic novel author.

While other graphic artists often remain faithful to a particular style once they have developed it, this artist, who grew up in Jena in eastern Germany, is constantly in search of new forms of expression and enjoys combining supposed antitheses. Thus, her graphic novel Endzeit (i.e. apocalypse), published in 2012 by Schwarzer Turm, convinces through a combination of cute-seeming manga aesthetics with a creepy zombie horror tale. And her mark Twain adaptation, Huck Finn, published by the prestigious Suhrkamp Verlag, transplants the basic story line of this American classic to East Germany, and contains stylistic references among other things to Japanese anime films.

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