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Jose Antonio Bernal (1979, Zaragoza — lives in Zaragoza, Spain) comic author, caricaturist, screenwriter.

Bernal is an artist at the popular Spanish journal El Jueves, where he draws a page on current political and economic issues.And somehow he manages to make it all funny!

His passion is football, and his stories and strips about the lives of local trainers and footballers are printed in various sports magazines: Territorio Naranja, the official league journal Cai Balonmano, and Equipo.

His comics have been printed in comic journals like Malavida, El Pichabrava, El Chocholoco, Cinco sin sacarla, and such major publications as BF (Buenafuente), Retranca, Amaniaco, and El Web Negre.

He has released several collections of comics: «Cavities», «Like father, like son» Gliceryl y Gum, and Los Bonilla.


2007: Most Popular Young Artist, at the International Hall of Comics in Barcelona
2005: winner in the category of Young Creators
2005: award in the category of Comics Battle of Cornellia

Currently, Bernal works at El Jueves and is writing scripts for the sitcom En el Fondo Norte, about the football team Real Zaragoza.

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