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Igor Baranko

Igor Baranko (Kiev, 1970)
Comics artist

I was born in Kiev in 1970. At an early age (7 years old) I saw my first comic book, which turned my childish world upside down and left an indelible mark in my soul. Since then I’ve been drawing graphic stories constantly, although occasionally I decide never to draw again. In 1999 I won a green card and left for the US, only to begin to create graphic stories professionally (for money, that is), naturally.

I have worked with Bongo Comics, SLG Graphics (Skaggy the Lost) and Hustler (Busty Beauties). In the US I started to work with the French company Les Humanoides Associes, which published L’Empereur-Ocean (3 volumes), La Danse du Temps (3 volumes), and Exterminateur 17 (3 volumes). The series Maxym Osa was published by Joker-Horizont.

I occasionally participate in various festivals around the world (KomMissia in Moscow and several Polish comics projects, for example), but most of the time I sit at home in my lair and waste paper.

The Ukrainian publisher Evgenios published Maxym Osa in Russian in 2010 as a single volume. Evgenios is planning to publish several more books in Russian in 2011 in time for KomMissia.
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