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Alim Velitov

Alim Velitov (1977, Moscow)

Comic artist, camera operator, animator

Entered this world in 1977, the year Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope was released

Graduated from the film school (Kinoshkola) at VGIK (The All-Russian Institute of Cinema) with majors in film studies and film criticism.

In late eighties: drew counterfeit dollars in school

In 1990-s joined the team at the comics studio ‘Kom’ at the age of 13 and in 1992 published his first comic strip, Plundering State Property, in the journal Ekran detyam

In 2004 Alim released his first comics collection, Spoiled, and served as the principle editor of the collection Almanakh.


2006 — Grand Scenario award for best story at the Moscow festival KomMissia for his comic book Black ATM

Alim also took part in the Russian-Polish comics project ‘Sity Stories’ in 2006.

Has shot several films, a banned music video for the singer Oleg Gazmanov, and two animated shorts: Missing Person (Reanimatsiya project) and The Shapeshifter from the Old Temple (Shar Studios)
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