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Comics artist

(1976, East Berlin)

Drew his first comics aged eight, and at fifteen used a photocopier to produce his first comic book — just before the Berlin Wall came down.

After finishing secondary school he entered the Berlin Weissensee School of Art, where amongst other things he got to know other talented comics artists and worked on his first two full-length graphic novels. One of these — We Can Still be Friends — became his final dissertation piece and was afterwards published by Berlin publishing house REPRODUKT. Since then the book has been published a couple more times and has even appeared in other languages. In 2011 it was published in Russian by St Petersburg publisher Boomkniga.

Meanwhile Mawil still lives in Berlin, draws comics for the newspaper Tagesspiegel, gives master classes, travels to comics festivals and from time to time works on his next book. In his free time he fixes his friends’ bicycles. He has also won a couple of prizes (just small ones — for comics, not for bicycles). Half of his stories are autobiographical, and the other half are about a white rabbit and beautiful women, but all his subjects are inspired by real life. Mawil’s comics have been translated into French, Spanish, Polish and English.


We Can Still be Friends / Wir könnten ja Freunde bleiben (2003). In Russian: 2011, Boomkniga
The Band / Die Band (2004)
The Big Supa-Hasi Album / Das große Supa-Hasi-Album (2005)
Sparky O’Hare: Master Electrician / Meister Lampe (2006)
Home and Away / Action Sorgenkind (2007)
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